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Philips OccuSwitch - Plug and Play Lighting Controls

OccuSwitch is a movement detector with a built-in switch. It will switch off the lights in a room or area when it is vacated and thus save energy. OccuSwitch can switch any load up to 6 A and control an office area of around 20 sq.m. for small movements (e.g. desk work) and around 50 sq.m. for large movements (e.g. walking). Its smart daylight sensing technology offers additional saving through daylight override and daylight switching.

Functions and features

Automatic control

OccuSwitch switches the lights on automatically when presence is detected and switches the lights off after the area is vacated (after 1 to 30 minutes depending on the settings).

Daylight override

It is possible to prevent the automatic switch on when sufficient daylight is available in the area, even if presence is detected, in order to create additional savings. OccuSwitch has a knob with the “SUN” engraved with a + and – sign on the plastic. This is used to set the threshold level for the amount of light reaching the sensor. The threshold level can be changed from 100 to 1500 lux. Depending on the threshold set if the sensor senses that incident light is higher than the threshold set, then the lights will not be switched on, even if presence is detected. The lights will only switch on if presence is sensed and the incident light on the Sensor is lower than the threshold set.

Daylight switching

It is also possible to make the OccuSwitch to switch the lights off when sufficient daylight becomes available during the occupied period, and turn them back on again when the light level drops below the required level. The lights will switch off when the light level is 220% above the threshold level for more than 15 minutes. The available daylight at that moment will be 120% more than the required level.The lights will be switched on when the light level drops below the required level.

Smart timer

The smart timer will extend the delay time by 10 minutes if movement is detected shortly after switch-off, assuming that the area is still in use, but very little movement is made.

OccuSwitch has a retractable shield that can be used to shield off areas like corridors adjacent to the area the OccuSwitch is controlling.

Typical application areas

The OccuSwitch is designed for use in offices and similar applications. It is optimized for recessed ceiling mounting and for mounting heights between 2.5 and 3.5 meter. The surface box allows surface-mounting as well, with either recessed wiring or surface-mounted ducts.

  • Open offices
  • Cabins
  • Meeting rooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Storage rooms

Plug and play

OccuSwitch is a plug & play device that offers occupancy control and daylight sensing functionalities. It is easy to install and can be be applied without any commissioning.

Smart savings

Energy consumption based upon actual usage instead of connected load.

High quality

OccuSwitch meets all the performance standards without compromising on the standards. It offers best performance in its category.

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Case Study:

Pudney & Lee LED Lighting, Wellington, New Zealand

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