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Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) - Revolutionizing the LED Downlighter Industry

The slimmest downlighter ever!

Just 9.8 mm thin, Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is 60% slimmer than other slim LED downlighters. We’ve cut down on size for stylish home dècor and a thinner false ceiling. But the one thing we haven’t cut down on is our superior quality of light so your home stays as bright as ever.

Presenting RazorLED (Razor LED) downlights from Phillips. An LED breakthrough in slim and sleek styling. Phillips RazorLED (Razor LED) combines the benefits of energy efficiency and high lumen delivery in the slimmest 9.8mm downlight package ever. In fact, it is the sleekest and slimmest downlight available in its chosen LED category#. Not only does this translate to a tall-ceiling look for your interiors, it also signifies enhanced appeal for your home. Indeed, Phillips has created what looks to be a real winner, right out of the box

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is the defining statement in sleek styling. It is 60% slimmer than any of the normal LED downlights available. Not only does its super-slim design and premium finish add to the beauty of home décor, it adds precious inches to your room ceiling height. Making it highly suitable for extremely low false ceiling. Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) also comes with a customized driver which has similar design blended with downlight. Designed to provide excellent illumination, Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) also assures lower operating costs.

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED): 9.8mm

Normal LED Downlighter: 20mm

Light Weight / Easy to Install

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is a technological triumph. It is engineered to minimize stress load on your false ceiling and distribute it evenly across its diametric circumference. Naturally, this helps negate any chance of cracks, warps or bends in your false ceiling. Designed for efficient installation and self-levelling, Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) ensures peace of mind by eliminating installation hassles and adding to interior-appeal with a smooth, clean finish.

No Flickering

A flickering light is not only annoying but is also hazardous to eyes and health. You may think your eyes are playing tricks on you or your eyes are tired, but its the light flicker which is the disturbing element and which can also have an adverse impact on your health. Philips RazorLED's (Razor LED) unique drivers ensure a flicker-free experience, making the product stand out as a singular light source, when compared to normal LED downlights. Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is engineered for high luminous efficiency, long life, and minimized flicker quotient. It is one of twenty-first century's most promising products, ready to lend its illuminating appeal to your home.

Double action spring suitable for all kinds of material

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) downlights come with a unique mounting mechanism which can fit into various false ceiling types available in the market. Its unique spring design enables firm grip for safe mounting. The spring twists on contact with the lower surface of the ceiling surrounding the hole perimeter, and begins to apply force to the hole perimeter thereby retaining the downlight in the access hole without the need for tools.

Better CRI

Natural outdoor light has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 100 and therefore is the standard of comparison for any other light source. Naturally then, the higher the CRI of the light source, more natural would the colors appear in the glow of that light source. Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is assured for a CRI quotient > 80 to let you experience real colors and enjoy life close to reality. In fact, with such a high CRI rating, you can say Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is like having the sun shine from your ceiling.

Normal LED Downlighter 60-70

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) > 80


Easy Driver Replacement

Re-lamping recessed fixtures in high ceilings is expensive, difficult, and sometimes dangerous. With Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) it is just the opposite. Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) downlight's long lifetime ensures that you may not need replacement for years, altogether. Yet if it comes to that, Philips RazorLED downlights have a non-integrated driver which gives you the flexibility of hassle-free replacement of the driver. Also, Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) driver is equipped with twist connect which makes the driver connection extremely user-friendly. In a nutshell, it signifies ease of replacement plus cost savings.

No black spot

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) has LEDs mounted with high and accurate precision. This ensures uniform light distribution and zero black spots on the rim/surface of the downlight. In fact, when compared to the normal LED downlights, Philips RazorLED's (Razor LED) high precision technology stands in sharp, striking contrast. Now you can truly stand under the warm effulgence of glowing light, with no dark spots to bother you

Uniform light distribution

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is manufactured with extremely high precision in LED mounting which gives uniform light output across the surface without any dark or bright spots.

High Power Factor

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) comes with the advantage of a High Power Factor (HPF) of .90 as compared to an PF of .45 of normal LED downlights. The new technology of Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is lighter, brighter, easier to use, and features a host of other eco-sensitized benefits. The list of advantages includes improved quality, high performance, long lifespan and increased cost savings as Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) downlight's greater HPF provides reduced power consumption per unit lumen.

High Power Factor causes less electricity bill -

Product efficiency will increase -

Less polluted line -

 High Efficiency

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is engineered as a highly efficient electrical system which translates into lower power losses and greater value for money. Not only this, it lasts up to 3 times longer than conventional light sources. With the value additions of high durability and reduced maintenance costs, indeed, Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) ranks among the most efficient energy saving options currently available


Normal LED Downlighter 70-80%

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) > 80

Screw less design

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) downlight's aesthetics are inspired by latest minimalistic design trends to give it the advantage of a seamless and sophisticated look. Instead of screws for installation, it uses double action spring for its mounting mechanism.

No Light Leakage

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) has been manufactured with highly sophisticated optics and high precision to ensure that you get 100% light in right direction without any leakages. All of which makes this product super bright and super special.

Wide Voltage Protection

Electrical systems are designed to operate at 220˜240 volts, however there are wide voltage fluctuations between 140 to 360 volts which can cause significant damage to your electrical device. Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is equipped to operate under these varying voltage conditions.

Surge Protection

Whenever there is switch to a power backup device like inverter/generator there is a possibility of sharp spike on voltage which can damage your device. Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) is designed to safeguard itself from surge/spike upto 2KV (Kilo Volts).

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED)

Philips RazorLED (Razor LED) downlight is a next generation technology product which is less than 10mm and equipped with advanced high precision technologies like:

Advanced heat dissipation mechanism powered by cooling aluminum fins at back.

Advanced optics: Light guide pipe and diffusor for uniform and super bright light.

Advanced mounting mechanism suitable for hassle free robust mounting on various type of false ceiling materia

Product Features