Philips 6993Z 650W G22 230V 1CT (Qty. 2)
Philips 6993Z 650W G22 230V 1CT (Qty. 2)
Philips 6993Z 650W G22 230V 1CT (Qty. 2)
Philips 6993Z 650W G22 230V 1CT (Qty. 2)

Philips 6993Z 650W G22 230V 1CT (Qty. 2)

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Halogen High Voltage SE (Film/Studio).

The high, constant output and consistent color temperature of these single ended halogen lamps ensure attractive, accurately exposed pictures for both film and video. Furthermore, these lamps incorporate the highly innovative P3 technology, developed by Philips. This allows the lamps to be used at higher temperatures, which extends overall lifetime and consistency of their high-quality light output. P3 technology also allows the lamp to be used in any burning position and enables more compact designs of fixtures. In addition, the very wide choice of dimensions and power ratings opens new levels of creative freedom for the luminaire designer.

General Characteristics
Philips Code 6993Z
LIF Code CP/68 (CP/39)
System Description P3 Technology
Cap-Base G22
Bulb Finish Clear
Filament Shape Bi-Plane
Operating Position any
Main Application Entertainment
Life to 50% failures 120 hr
Light Technical Characteristics
Color Temperature Technical 3200 K
Luminous Flux Lamp 16500 Lm
Electrical Characteristics
Lamp Wattage 650 W
Voltage 230 V
Dimmable Yes
Rapid Acting HBC Fuse 4 V
Luminaire Design Requirements
Pinch Temperature 500 (max) C
Bulb Temperature 900 (max) C
Product Dimensions
Overall Length C 140 (max) mm
Diameter D 22 (max) mm
Pin Length K 24.89 (min), 26.54 (max) mm
Light Center Length L 63.5 mm
Pin Diameter P 6.30 (min), 6.40 (max) mm
Pin Distance R 22.22 mm
Filament Dimensions (WxH) [mm] 11x12
Filament Height H 10 mm
Filament Length W 10 mm
Product Data
Order code 923890442928
Full product code 923890442928
Full product name 6993Z 650W G22 230V 1CT
Order product name 6993Z 650W G22 230V 1CT/10
Pieces per pack 1
Packing configuration 10
Packs per outerbox 10
Bar code on pack - EAN1 8711500185716
Bar code on outerbox - EAN3 8711500185723
Logistic code(s) - 12NC 923890442928
Net weight per piece 0.084 kg

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