Philips UVC High Intensity Disinfection Trolley

Philips UVC High Intensity Disinfection Trolley

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High intensity and easily movable trolley to disinfect large surfaces within minutes.


  • Highly reflective aluminum reflectors to increase the intensity of UV-C radiation
  • Digital control panel to set disinfection cycle
  • Lamp life indicator on digital panel - Green/Yellow/Red
  • Visual warning and voice alarm as an additional safeguard to avoid UV-C exposure
  • Presence detection sensor (up to 5 m) for additional safeguard
  • Startup delay of 60 seconds to avoid exposure the UV-C radiation


  • Effective Lamp: Short-wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C) for disinfection purposes
  • Complete 360 degree UV-C disinfection
  • Environment-friendly : No ozone emission, no residue after or during usage
  • Integrated safeguards to avoid UV-C exposure

Example Applications

  • Office disinfect work rooms, meeting spaces, pantries, corridors (aka UV Room Sterilizer, UV Room Sanitizer)
  • School disinfect classroom floors, desks, chairs, surfaces
  • Banking disinfect counters, cash machines and work surfaces
  • Hospitality disinfect guest rooms, reception areas, tables, equipment
  • Food outlets disinfect preparation surfaces and equipment, food pick up table surfaces
  • Hair and beauty salons disinfect operating surfaces, mirrors, counters, chairs and other sensitive areas
  • Buses and trains disinfect interior surfaces as seats and handhelds
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Hospital Rooms, Operation Theatres (OT), Operating Room

Main Specifications (Contact Us for Full Specifications)

  • Philips TUV36W 12 lamps
  • 160-270V, 50/60 Hz, THD<10%
  • 360 degree movement of wheels 
  •  Flexibility to set disinfection cycle with an interval of 60 seconds
  • Lamp & Ballast Replaceable? Yes

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