Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“With the help of Philips, we’re applying technology as an enabler to deliver a better customer experience and more cost-effective operations” - Michael Levie, CEO of citizenM hotels.

The Project

Affordable luxury for the people’ is citizenM’s slogan, and it stands for hotels that cater for a new generation of travelers: the ‘Citizen Mobile.’ These customers know what they want in a hotel – stylish design, great value, comfort, free entertainment and a good location. They also want friendly technology, that enables them to personalize their hotel stay exactly the way they want it. That extends from personalized check-in to lighting, temperature and curtain control, wireless internet access and a flat-screen entertainment center – all accessible through an intuitive ‘MoodPad’ controller.

Personalized settings from your ID card

The system allows guests’ personal profiles to be stored in the CRM(Customer Relation Management) / PMS (Property Management System), which enables the hotel to ‘remember’ returning guests and their preferences. As a result, the hotel can create a unique intimacy with its guests, removing the traditional feeling of anonymity from the hotel experience. Guests can register their personal profiles at home, which allows them to bypass the often tedious and time-consuming check-in process. They can quickly and conveniently identify themselves on arrival by using their personal RFID cards.

MoodPad ambient controller

Once in the room, guests can use the MoodPad to control the character of the ambient lighting in their room according to their mood or the atmosphere they want to create. At the touch of a button, they can switch from warm colors, closed blinds, ambiance music and a cosy temperature, to more functional lighting and ambiance for mobile working. The MoodPad also gives them free access to videos, movie channels and online content through their flat-screen TV, as well as free music on demand and wireless internet access.

The Solution

The Ambient Experience for hotels was developed by Philips, and uses the latest networking technologies (WiFi, VoiP) to give guests a personalized experience to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Philips iColor Cove

Philips Spot LED

Philips LuxSpace

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