Philips UV Lamps: Air Duct, AHU, HVAC UV & UVGI Disinfection

Ved International, a Ved Group company, is the Authorised Distributor in India for Philips B.V. Netherlands UV and Special Application Lamps. Ved International is a pioneer in this range of products, and has been catering to the Indian markets since the year 1991.

We have been experts in India for more than 15 years for for UV Lamps, UV Component Solutions & UVGI Systems for:

  • Air Ducts
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  • HVAC industry
  • Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning Systems

Please contact us and we will be happy to help you identify the right complete UV solution for your unique Air Duct, AHU and HVAC requirement and the right complete Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) lamp & system solution for HVAC Industry.

  • High output (HO) UV lamps will keep the cooling coil free from biofilm. Combined with photocatalytic oxidation they can also removes VCOs such as odors
  • UV lamps can reduce the power consumption by as much as 33% as they keep the coiling coil free from bacteria and algae which form on the cooling coil resulting in more power being drawn as the system gets older
  • Critical safety accessories like Quartz Glass / Quartz Sleeve / Quartz Jacket by Qsil Netherlands (formerly Philips Quartz Glass Factory) for safety / security of UV lamps to ensure no accidental mercury is present in the air system
  • Complete range of UV lamps of different sizes up to 5 feet
  • Multiple-wattage High Efficiency (HE) UV lamps, High Output (HO) UV lamps, single-ended UV lamps, Amalgam UV lamps, Medium Pressure UV lamps
  • Appropriate UV Ballast/Choke to ensure accurate optimized UVC output
  • High Quality, UL approved 4 Pin Connectors for 24/7 lamp operation. Customised wire length from one to five meters. Waterproof and Splash-proof
  • Range of appropriate UV Chokes / Ballasts for all varieties of UVC lamps from 4W to 145W. Ballast warranty up to two years. Accurate ballast selection is important for complete lamp life and to ensure 100% UVC output. Lamp-On Indicator option can also be included in ballast.

UV Lampholders for HVAC

UV Ballasts for HVAC

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- UV Quartz Sleeves help from a safety perspective as UV lamps contain mercury. Quartz Sleeve is a product used over the UV lamp to protect the UV lamp from breaking. Good quality Quartz (such as Qsil Netherlands) is the only substance which allows 92% of the UV-C to get transmitted. Any other substance is a UV-block (borosilicate glass, normal glass, plastic, teflon etc). Learn more about UV Quartz Sleeves by visiting this page.

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