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BJB Germany

Ved Group is the Exclusive Authorized Agent/Distributor/Partner/Representative in India for BJB Germany.
BJB, Arnsberg, Germany has been associated with lighting components, accessories and products for the last 140 years. Initially, BJB commenced their set-up and operations in Germany by manufacturing components for oil lamps, but from the beginning of the 20th century they switched over to manufacturing electrical connectors and accessories for various domestic and industrial lamps and light sources.
BJB Germany has continuously developed new, user-friendly lamp holder systems, terminal blocks and switches and has been selling them throughout the world. Presently, BJB's lighting connectors are available and used in wide range of domestic appliances worldwide. Almost all the major producers in the world of domestic appliances of ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, driers, dishwashers and extractor hoods use connectors and switches of BJB.
We carry ready stock and ship globally through efficient, cost effective couriers. Please leave your inquiry by contacting us.
Components for the Lighting Industry
  • Lampholders and starter holders
  • Fluorescent lampholders water and dustproof
  • Lampholders for compact fluorescent lamps
  • Lampholders for discharge lamps
  • Terminal blocks
  • Connectors
  • Fused terminal blocks
  • Capacitor connectors
  • LED - Lighting and connection technology
  • Switches
  • Lampholders for mains voltage halogen lamps
  • Lampholders for low voltage halogen lamps
  • Edison Screw and Bayonet lampholders


Components for Domestic Appliances

  • Hot [Ovens, Microwaves, etc.]
  • Wet [Washing Machines, Driers, Dishwashers, Water Purifiers, etc.]
  • Cold [Freezers, Refrigerators, Cold Storages, etc.]

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BJB Components for the Lighting Industry