About WECO Electrical Connectors Germany

Saga Enviro Pvt. Ltd., a Ved Group Company, is the Exclusive Authorized Agent/Distributor/Representative in India for WECO Connectors Germany. 

WECO Electrical Connectors is a German Manufacturer of Electrical Connectors with a legacy of around 100 years. WECO offers more than 10,000 products to a worldwide customer base, combining revolutionary modern design with trusted European standards of engineering.

WECO has four manufacturing facilities based in Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Tunisia.

WECO provide internationally approved (UL, CSA, VDE etc.) products for a very large variety of applications in diverse industries.

Product Categories

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    Please contact us by visiting this page for advise and solutions for your unique Connector needs. Owing to the diversity of variants available, it is not possible to specify all part numbers online, please contact us for further details.