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Narva special Lighting

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Special Lamps Made in Germany since 1948

For more than 70 years, Vosla-Narva has been standing for flexibility, innovation and partnership in special lighting. Solution-seeking, problem-solving and with the objective to become a partner to every of our customers.

Our clients and projects require a high level of flexibility, innovation and efficient decision-making.

NARVA brand products are perfectly positioned in demanding special lighting niche and are seen as exceptional lighting solutions meeting OEM quality standards.

Airfield Lighting - Ideal Airfield Lighting

In the field of airfield lighting, Vosla-Narva is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. Our product range covers all AGL applications. From approach and threshold lights over taxiway and runway lights to obstruction lights, our NARVA lamps provide safety on the runway.

High reliability and long life expectancy are those characteristics of our Airfield Ground Lighting lamps which we take into account with our internal quality seal of “German Precision Lighting” – and which are highly valued by our repeat customers for decades

Safety during takeoff and landing maneuver’s can only be assured by perfect illumination of airfield runways. Thus, regulatory requirement of FAA, ICAO and other international regulations are just the lower limit – our personal standard and ambition onto quality goes well beyond.

Our products also deliver value with their prolonged lifetime, which results in long exchange cycles and considerably lower maintenance costs.

Narva Airfield Lighting

Medicine Technology - Narva lamps meet the strict quality criteria that apply to hospitals and other medical facilities

Voslo-Narva is the worldwide leader in producing halogen lamps for microscopes, lamps for operating rooms and other surgical lighting. Surgeons need perfect light sources to be able to do their job safely. Here, reliable and efficient surgical light is required.

Due to the high quality level and the high illuminance, our lamps are best suitable for microscopes, devices for medical analysis and surgical light. NARVA lamps meet strict regulations that apply to hospitals and medical facilities.

Narva Medical LampsAutomotive Lighting - Perfect Lighting for Perfect Vehicles

Vosla-Narva produces high performance halogen products, amongst others, for headlamps, signaling lamps, parking lights, backup lights, fog lamps and back fog lights. Our portfolio includes more than 100 different lamp types for the Automotive segment.

Our longstanding experience in the production of halogen automotive lighting guarantees high quality products for perfect automotive lighting. We assure a consistently high quality level through our own manufacturing, modern production technologies – guaranteed by our various certifications.

Narva Automotive LightingNarva Railway Signaling - Lighting Along the Rail

Ensuring railway safety requires the highest level of reliability. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of railway lamps we meet strict safety regulations and requirements including intensity, color location, phantom light effect and lifetime specifications. We guarantee all time availability across our entire railway product group.

Thanks to our experience in the production of special lamps and our excellent measuring technologies we are in ideal position to face these challenges. We ensure the highest safety level along the railway track and at crossing points – and this applies to underground and suburban rail traffic, too.

We are aware of the responsibility in the signal and railroad lighting sector and want to contribute to a safe traffic system with our quality requirements. Whether at level crossings, switches, platforms or along the track – our signals stand for reliability. Also in the development area we offer requirement-oriented and target-oriented solutions in LED and other special applications.

Narva Railway Lighting

 Specialized Vehicles - Top Illumination for Warehouse, Field and Slope

 Together with our customers, we find the ideal lighting solution for every single, even extremely extra-ordinary application.

We also develop and manufacture halogen or conventional lighting solutions for forklifts, lifting platforms, agriculture machinery, snow groomers and snow mobiles. The requirements therefore are heterogeneously given that only reliable, high quality lighting ensures those vehicles work efficiently. Thus, main requirements for these types of lamps are ideal light output and adaptability to varying voltages of the equipment.

This development in this area is vibrant. New ideas for lighting with increasingly better light output and durability are continuously called for. From the first moment, our development engineers work hand in hand with you as customer. Together we find the ideal lighting solution for every single, even extremely specific application. And if your requirements change, we are able to react quickly and flexibly to short term changes thanks to our local production and the excellent development skills. In this way we make sure that in terms of lighting everything runs smoothly in warehouses, on fields, on ski slopes, almost everywhere.

Narva  Specialized VehiclesNarva Special Lamps - Perfect Illumination for Special Requirements

Due to our in-house production and comprehensive know, we are able to manufacture even minimum quantities of niche products and products according to individual specifications.

We develop and manufacture lighting solutions for pools, planetariums, industrial applications, locomotive headlamps and projectors. Every different area has its own criteria regarding demanding light conditions. Pool and planetarium lighting call for both illuminance and the creation of a certain atmosphere. Here, the adequate lighting sets the right accents. Projectors need efficient lamps as well in order to project the images clearly and in best light conditions onto the wall.

Narva Special Lamps