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'How To' with Lighting

Do you have your own lighting ideas, but are not sure how to realise them? Want to know how to light a particular room? Or are you looking for some other expert advice and inspiration? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Philips' quick and easy 'How To' guides show you how to light the different rooms in your home, create mood with light or just find the right replacement bulb. 

Philips LED LightStrips offer an easy way to enhance your home lighting with white or coloured light accents. The different ranges provide several design possibilities and can transform the whole mood in a room. This guide shows you where to place and how to use Philips LED LightStrips to accentuate the objects you love.

Philips LivingColors can change the way a room looks and reflect the way you feel there. Philips LED LivingColors enable you to play with coloured light throughout your home, creating special moments and almost any mood. This guide shows you how Philips LED LivingColors create the perfect ambient lighting by offering a great diversity of lighting possibilities to suit every mood you can imagine.

Unleash your creativity with Philips LED CandleLights and TeaLights and create a beautiful candlelight atmosphere the safe way. This guide shows how to arrange Philips LED CandleLights and TeaLights around your home to create interesting light effects and provides tips how to integrate them into your outdoor lighting.

How to light your garden and outdoors


How to accent a corner with warm, ambient light

How to create a home cinema space using light accents


How to change the mood to match your movie using colors



How to create a stunning workplace

How to create a comfortable reading area

How to introduce guiding light along pathways

How to transform your terrace into an extension of your home

How to highlight your garden feature

How to create a warm and relaxing mood in your living room

How to create the perfect space for entertaining

How to generate ideal task lighting in the kitchen

How to accent your favourite features

*Certain products shown in the movies might not be available for purchase online or for purchase in India. Please contact us for offline purchase or visit our Philips Light Lounges and Philips Light Studios to receive expert advice in choosing the right Philips lighting solution for your unique home and professional lighting requirements.