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Peters Conformal Coatings

Ved Group is the Authorized Agent/Distributor/Partner/Representative in India for The Peters Group Germany: ELPEGUARD® conformal coatings (protective coatings), ELPECAST® casting compounds, ELPEPCB® printed circuit coatings, and Elpelight.

About The Peters Group

The Peters Group, based in Kempen, Germany, is an independent family company and the only complete coatings supplier for electronics in the world.

From coatings for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and the protection of assembled printed circuit boards/electronic components to integrated coating technology solutions, Peters is a global leader in the field of electronics-related high-tech coatings for automotive electronics, aerospace engineering, industrial electronics, medical technology, LED applications and other industries.

For over 40 years, The Peters Group has been working closely with customers to present revolutionary and practical solutions. Their highly specialized research & development division guarantees the continuous concept and improvement of innovative products.

With international distribution offices and more than 65 regional representative offices worldwide, The Peters Group is a competent on-site partner in over 90 countries serving more than 3,500 customers globally.

Peters Coatings

Peters Coatings produces coating materials/specialty coatings for electronics applications and distributes them worldwide. Please click on the respective links below to learn more:

Peters ELPEGUARD® Conformal Coatings (Protective Coatings)

Peters ELPECAST® Casting Compounds

Peters ELPEPCB® Printed Circuit Coatings

Peters Solutions for Lighting Electronics

Peters Solutions for Automotive Electronics

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