Squall International BV Netherlands

Ved Group is the Exclusive Authorized Agent/Distributor/Partner/Representative in India for Squall International BV Netherlands.

Squall International BV reworks custom made Quartz glass for OEM and Industry and is specialized in tube and rod material. Mr. A.G. Swinkels established the company in 1996 with the firm belief that intense cooperation is required with both customers and suppliers to provide the best quality available.

Since 1996 this believe still forms the foundation of our day-to-day operations. In our continuous effort to provide the best quality available at an acceptable pricing, Squall International BV constantly pushes its technology, machines and itself to produce with greater efficiency at a higher quality.

Since 2012 the company operates from a new and modern manufacturing facility of approximately 3200m2 located in Hapert, close to Eindhoven in the south of The Netherlands. Squall International BV is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company and delivers worldwide to a wide range of industries namely Optical Fibre, Water Purification, Medical and Pharma.


At Squall International B.V. (hereafter called SI) most of the reworking processes of quartz are done with H2O2 burners. Processes which require specific demands a plasma burner is used as a heating source.

A plasma is a flame with a high purity and an extremely high temperature

Whenever a sufficient amount of energy is transferred to a gas, or gas mixture, at atmospheric pressure, possible dissociation and/or ionization occur. Due to this a thermal plasma is formed which consists of molecules, atoms, ions, and electrons with the most important aspect, electrical conductivity.

This electrical conductivity of the gas makes it possible to extract energy from an alternating electromagnetic field. With the extracted energy a plasma is formed and maintained.

An inductive plasma, at atmospheric pressure, is characterized by an extremely high temperature and a high energy density.


Advantages of an inductive plasma, as used at SI:

  • No contamination from the heat source. (no OH-contamination, no metal parts in the heated zone of the flame.
  • Free choice of gas. ( Argon, Nitrogen, Air, i.e. compressed air)
  • High flame temperatures. (Argon (A) around 15.000 K and Nitrogen (N) around 8.000 K)
  • Plasma power and process parameters are completely computer controlled.


An inductive plasma at SI is used for reworking of quartz which has special requirements towards a high degree of purity. An example is cleaning material of contamination by intensive heating and etching material. This process is mainly used for the optical industry and is either done from the outside of the material, outside plasma, or from the inside of tube material, inside plasma. By using the inside plasma there is a high degree of thermal density which results in cleaning and if desired the inner surface can be re-melted.

The outside plasma mainly finds it usage in the following processes:

  • Welding
  • Tapering
  • Forming

Due to the high temperatures and high purity the plasma can be optimal used for most quartz products.