Spring Awakenings’ National Tour

Spring Awakening tour, USA

The Project

The Tony award winning musical Spring Awakening is heading out on the road for its first national tour with anopening in San Francisco in September 2008. The original Broadway production used two consoles; a Strand Lighting 550i for the moving lights and an Obsession for the conventional lighting. For the tour the production team decided to run the entire production on a single console.

Now the lighting team of Bobby Harrell as Programmer and Aaron Sporer, the Associate Lighting Designer for Kevin Adams, the Lighting Designer, have the job of converting the 500 series showfile with all automated fixtures and 150 cells of LEDs, converting the Obsession showfile and getting them onto the LightPalette desk on a single cue list.

The Solution

The console that was chosen was the LightPalette VL

Philips Light Palette VL 6000

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