Asian Paints Colour Store

Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India

"We feel we’ve created something engaging and inspiring that has redefined not only perceptions of Asian Paints in the market, but the Indian retail landscape in general" - KBS Anand, President of Decorative Business, Asian Paints

The Project

Home décor in India is handled almost entirely by contractors. Consumers have little involvement in home decor and do not use much colour in their homes. The challenge of Asian Paints Colour Store Project was to design a flagship store that would inspire consumers to do more with colour.

For example, the entrance of the store is highlighted with hundreds of lights suspended in an arch, inviting guests to choose a colour from a series of pedestals. Motion sensors hidden within each pedestal send a pulse of the selected colour up through the archway lights and across the facade, creating constant colour shifts throughout the whole store-front.

The first Experience Colour Store opened in Mumbai in 2009 and has already won a couple of design awards in the region:

  • Best International Retail Interior, Retail Interior Awards 2008
  • Best Manufacturer’s Showroom, Best Innovative Concept, Best in Class for International Store Design, Retail Design Institute Awards 2008
  • Creme de la Creme, WPPed Cream 2008
  • Visual Technology in a Visual Display, VMSD International Visual Competition 2009
  • Silver IDEA, IDSA IDEA 2009
  • A.R.E. Award 2009

The Solution

Philips Color Kinetics - iColor Flex SLX are embedded into the suspended disks in the entrance. Using red, blue and green LEDs, motion sensors with light system manager creates constant colour shifts throughout the whole store-front.

Philips Color Kinetics - iColor Flex SLX

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