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Endo Lighting Japan - India's Leading LED Lighting Company - Ved Electricals

Endo Lighting and Ved Group invite you to a lighting experience unmatched in quality and design.

Endo Lighting is Japan's leading LED lighting company with a legacy of over 50 years . Endo Lighting offers technical lighting solutions across the following segments:

  • Retail Showrooms and Boutiques
  • Commercial and Offices
  • Landscape and Facade
  • Industrial
  • Residential

Ved Electricals - Ved Group, is an Authorized Business Partner in India for Endo Lighting Japan.

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Endo Lighting will transform the way you perceive light. One of a kind conceptual display includes:

  • Glare-free lighting.
  • High Cri (up to Cri 98) - rendering natural colours.
  • Vivid colour temperatures (2800K,3500K, 4200K).
  • Indirect lighting solutions to create eye-catching experiences.
  • Human centric light solutions to enahnce well being and addressing the blue light hazard.


50 years of illuminating people as a specialist of light – our mission is to create a new relationship between “people” and “light.”

Light is the precious entity that gives energy to everything in the natural world. People seek for brightness in light, and light works on people in physiological and psychological way. Through ergonomics approach, Endo Lightning seeks to create human-friendly lights for one’s body and mind. Beyond the light’s functional brightness, we create further values in comfort and calmness, as well as security and safety. To create a new relationship between “people” and “light”, Endo Lighting will continue its challenge.


Endo Lighting is the pioneer of LED lighting. Succeeding in practical use of LED light devices first in the world, we will continue to pursue the possibilities of LED.

Energy saving, long lasting, mercury-free, and not emitting ultraviolet… LED, a new source of light, is earth-friendly light. Endo's optics technology lead them to be the pioneer of a practicable LED light device. Ever since, we keep on the research and development of LED comprehensively and scientifically.


Our original optical design brings forth beautiful lights. Reliability governs our rigorous internal rules. We deliver products with the finest technology and safety.

Endo Lighting fully controls the light emitted from light devices, through its original reflector and lens design. We seek for the uniform and beautiful lights, with the minimum energy loss. Furthermore, we thoroughly validate the durability, quake resistance, and waterproof property. We not only comply to international standards, but also conduct internal standard tests in more rigorous perspectives. Endo Lighting products are long-lasting and secure.

View the Endo Lighting Catalogue here [PDF] [Size: 336 MB].