Benny Ong's Showroom


A showcase of how lighting solutions bring out the intensity of colors and vibrancy in an exhibition on fabrics.

The Project

Benny Ong, a top international couturier and veteran of the fashion and textile business, renowned for dressing royalty and prominent socialites, wanted to showcase his latest collection of textile pieces in an exhibition titled Peranakan. Unlike his previous runway shows, the pieces in this exhibition were stationary, and have marked his transition from fashion design to woven textiles.

In order to accentuate and enhance the fascinating details of texture and color central to Peranakan culture, the lighting solution had to bring about a synergy between intensified depths and shadows, to deliver a techni-color vibrance that illuminated the finer points of his creations.

To achieve this, a few factors had to be considered. First was the pre-determined color theme of the exhibition space, which required the color schematic, form factor of the luminaire and lighting layout to fuse seamlessly with the existing exhibition components. Second was the issue of sustainability, which meant prioritizing energy saving, environmentally friendly and longer-life span luminaires. Third was the dual function of the showroom, which doubled up as a workspace for Benny.

The Solution

To achieve the effect Benny desired, advanced LED technology with distinct high-quality optics was used. A finely tuned beam created a dramatic impact on fabrics, lending a perfect balance of light intensity and color rendering to make details clearly visible. A lighting control system with dimmable options was installed, to enable Benny to adjust the lighting requirements accordingly. LED lighting also met the requirement of sustainability with its properties of being energy efficient, environmentally friendly and having a long life span.

“I am very pleased with the outcome. Working with Philips has been a delight. As far as the future is concerned, I certainly believe that PureDetail can continue to inspire work, especially within the fashion and garment industry. When I first saw the effects created by PureDetail, I was surprised by how the colors came to life, almost as if they were dancing in front of me! There is a certain luminosity about it and brings about a 3-dimensional effect that is quite amazing,” says Benny.

Feel fabric with your eyes

PureDetail is the first LED accent lighting solution to:

  • Show texture in great detail
  • Add depth to materials and surfaces
  • Intensify the structure of the fashion and clothing on display
  • Make fabrics look more 3-dimensional and colors appear more intense
  • Enhance the value perception of what is soft or silky, woolen or woven
  • Intensify the product appeal so that shoppers are more inclined to purchase

Philips Stylid equipped with PureDetail

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