Munich, Germany

"The design of our lighting helps to improve patients’ sense of well-being and trust during examinations. It makes the medical environment seem less intimidating, which in turn makes the patients feel calmer and more relaxed." - Dr Christa Hutterer, DiVoCare

The Project


DiVoCare in Munich’s Kaufinger Straße is one of the most advanced radiology and healthcare centres in Europe. Consultant radiologists Dr Christa Hutterer and Dr Richard Westhaus have equipped their 1,000 m2 practice with state-of-the-art medical and lighting technology from Philips.

The Challenge

"Patients are often tense and nervous when they come to a doctor’s practice. Prior to the examination they feel stressed, and afterwards they usually have a worrying time waiting for the results," says Dr Hutterer. "Many patients start to get frightened even before the examination, while they are still in the waiting room. As medical practitioners, we have to do what we can to take away this fear."


The AmbiScene installation creates a pleasant, adaptable atmosphere that enhances patients’ sense of well-being. Being able to adjust the light enables patients to personalize a space, creating their own ambience. This makes for a much more comfortable and soothing experience. "If patients are given the chance to express theirindividuality, this makes them feel they have some control over their environment. And this feeling of control helps them feel more relaxed," adds Dr Hutterer. And because the patients are more relaxed, fewer examinations have to be repeated. Finally, the combination of room design and flexible light enhances themodern image of the practice.

The Solution

"Light can help to reduce tension by creating a pleasant atmosphere. We wanted to use light to put patients at ease", says Dr Westhaus. People deal with anxiety in different ways, so the lighting had to be geared to the needs of the patients – as well as the medical personnel – in a flexible manner. Philips’ AmbiScene flexible lighting concept is based on the fact that lighting is one of the factors that most affects how we feel – both physiologically and psychologically. That is why, with this concept, the colour and intensity of the lighting can be adjusted.

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