Nordic Light Hotel

Stockholm, Sweden

“We checked out the market, and it soon became clear that Philips is the world leader within LED. When working with light as we do, it’s only natural to want to work with a partner such as Philips – we have a mutual interest in working proactively with light, and we break new ground by trying out new technologies.” - Lars Pihl, designer and creative leader, Nordic Light Hotel.

The Project

Light Meetings are a new form of conference held at the Nordic Light Hotel in downtown Stockholm – a creative meeting place with a total of 15 conference venues – “Our vision was to create an artificial city within the city, to give our guests a host of new experiences. I devised an integrated design, architecture and service concept – which became the Light Meetings venue. Right from the start, I consulted Svante Pettersson, Creative Manager at Philips Lighting,” says Lars Pihl, designer and creative leader at Nordic Light Hotel.

Thinking in terms of atmosphere, cohesiveness and spatial design instead of just lighting was a major challenge. “We wanted to create a form of lighting that told a story – a city within a city. It is intended to create ‘streets’ within the meeting environment, where people are a vital component as they enter or leave the light. We wanted a combination of functional lighting and ‘experience’ lighting. A form of lighting which had to be flexible and simple to suit any situation and requirement. The real challenge was actually controlling the light. It had to be easy for guests to be able to control the level of lighting they wanted themselves, using various light and audio scenarios via a display,” states Pihl.The architecture of Light Meetings is the spirit of the building. The black ceiling in the foyer symbolizes the night sky, with downward lighting from StyliD lights on 3-phase rail street lights. The lighting shows the way through the meeting area. LED strands of iColor Flex RGB – concealed in the angle between wall and ceiling – give the ‘city’ atmospheric light. The streets have concealed windows in the form of glazed meeting rooms, illuminated with colored lights which are in a different color when the room is not in use. When the door is opened, movement sensors automatically change the color to white light at 4000K. Recessed Fugato LED RGB and StyliD on 3-phase rails are installed in the meeting rooms, which all have an intuitive touch display control on the wall. The display facilitates the choice of a range of atmospheric settings, with both light and audio effects such as blue wavy light and the sound of lapping water, or high-intensity white light with birdsong. The fittings above the round table are designed by Aasa & Wiberg.

The Solution

“Initially, the investment in lighting was higher than usual, but because LED has a long service life and the lighting is in principle maintenance-free, we make large savings on labor costs. When you think how much more stimulating a meeting can be with a palette of experiences – and to then find out that the entire palette is used – is just fantastic,” enthuses Pihl.

Philips StyliD on 3-phase rails

Philips iColor Flex RGB

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