Optoga OptoDrive™ GUSTAV - Linear LED

Head-Gustav-BOptoDrive™ GUSTAV is designed to be used without a driver and is therefore easily connected into applications for 230VAC or directly into a wall outlet. The efficiency is the highest available on the market for these types of applications.

Gustav LED module

Perfect light from warm white to neutral white (2700K – 4700K), easily fitted into light fittings such as wall washers, bulkheads or others with high demands on performance. It has been designed for Alternating current 110 / 230 VAC and can be dimmed with trailing edge dimming.

Features & Benefits

  • Module delivers 215-660 lumens pending on version and rank
  • Choose from 5W / 10W power consumption
  • Standard light engine under mass production
  • Operates with alternating current that offers an easy integration and installation
  • Standard connector eliminates the need for soldering and the problems it may cause
  • Superior thermal performance offers long lifetime, high-lumen maintenance and outstanding reliability
  • CRI above 80