Pentagon Design


Helsinki, Finland.

”Good lighting is vital in all our design work. The right shapes, materials and colours can be found only if the light is right.” - Anu Latvala, Designer, Pentagon Design Oy.

The Project

Pentagon Design is an agency specialising in the design of everyday products, services and environments. Their customer base primarily consisting of large and medium-sized companies with international operations.

Pentagon Design decided to move their premises to an old hat factory, which was being refurbished to coincide with Helsinki’s role as World Design Capital 2012.

Pentagon Design decided to move their premises to an old hat factory, which was being refurbished to coincide with Helsinki’s role as World Design Capital 2012.”Because the premises were converted from an empty studio to offices, it gave us the freedom to use completely new lighting design concepts and solutions. We were keen to apply solutions that would emphasise the architectural features of the premises and their functionality”, Anu Latvala, Pentagon Design’s interior designer explains.”An opportunity like this really challenges your competence. Pentagon Design wanted to install economical LED light sources, and Philips’ new solutions met the requirements for creating an integral environment, which was the common goal for both Delta and Pentagon. Because the space is used for different purposes, the lighting had to be adaptable; creating the right environment for creative and focused thinking whilst preserving the unique character of the premises”, Toni Flinck, project manager of Electrical Engineers Delta-KN Oy says of the challenge.

The Solution

eW Blast Powercore luminaires were chosen to bring the high ceiling space of the spectacular open-plan office to life; using 4000 K colour temperature which creates an immaculate white environment complimenting the surfaces, furniture and fittings within the space. The open-plan office’s Celino LED fittings are arranged in lines, with an ActiLume detector controlling each line. The open-plan exhibition and rest areas were equipped with DALI controls and StyliD spotlights; meaning that the lighting in these space can easily be modified, depending on the function. LumiStone luminaires were installed in the smaller meeting rooms. The design process for the smaller meeting rooms involved selecting an innovative LED lighting solution to suit a challenging workspace; the new LumiStone luminaires were chosen as they met the criteria, both in terms of efficiency and stylish, modern design.”The office contains all sorts of premises. In addition to work spaces, we have a model workshop and a shared staff rest area. The premises incorporate lots of daylight, which is exploited in the technology of the light fixtures for the workstations: the lighting is regulated by the amount of daylight that is available”, Anu Latvala explains.

The lighting concept combines Pentagon’s own design skills and vision representation, with a functional electrical installation. The finished lighting solution is based on Philips product know-how and cutting-edge innovation in LED technology.”Visitors and users alike are impressed by the lighting solutions in the premises. The light fittings integrate well with the building’s architectural style. We also find that the flexibility and simplicity of the solutions make them very user friendly. This special design year drives our creativity, but the right light is crucial for creation”, Anu Latvala of Pentagon Design sums up.

Philips LumiStone

Philips Celino LED

Philips eW Blast Powercore

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