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Peters Solutions for Automotive Electronics

Peters Conformal Coatings

Conformal Coatings for Automotive Applications: A wide range of Peters ELPEGUARD® Conformal Coatings are approved by leading Automotive OEM's and being used in the automotive industry to protect and isolate sensitive electronics against environmental stress.

High quality printed circuit coatings approved for the Automotive industry: A wide range of ELPEPCB® Printed Circuit Coatings is approved by Automotive OEM's and its supplying industries and being used to ensure high performance and reliability of pcb's in electronics applications.

Peters Solutions for Automotive Electronics

A wide selection of Elpeguard conformal coatings, ELPECAST casting compounds and ELPEPCB printed circuit coatings with approvals in the automotive industry contribute to the reliable functionality of motor vehicles.

Suppliers and OEMs such as AUTOLIV, BMW and CONTINENTAL and many more rely on high performance products from the ELPEPCB, ELPEGUARD and ELPECAST ranges to meet stringent requirements for quality and lifespan.

Developed in 1973 for Hella and VDO for being processed on Knödel dipping plants, the first conformal coating SL 1300 was successfully used over many decades before it was gradually replaced by the later red-transparent version SL 1331 N. In 1983, the first carbon-conductive ink was launched which was later approved by Kostal as sliding contact for the automotive industry.

Protective coatings for automotive lighting

Good up to excellent weathering resistance and UV light stability, high transparency and yellowing resistance, protection against humidity and other environmental influences