Philippines Heart Center

Quezon City, The Philippines

“The body follows certain patterns that are not very apparent. We feel that replicating this pattern in the hospital room, creates a comfortable environment that helps patients to recuperate. We also think that improved lighting will allow the care-providers to take better care of our patients." - Dr Gerardo S. Manzo, Assistant Director of Medical Services at the PHC.

The Project

The Philippine Heart Center is the first specialty hospital in the Philippines. Incorporated in 1975, it achieved the status of one of the best heart care institutions in Asia. Through the years, the Center has constantly kept abreast of and invested in the latest medical technology to enhance its services and uphold its philosophy of providing the best possible cardio-vascular care for its patients.

When the hospital was planning for its renovation and upgrading program, Philips presented an overhaul of the lighting system as part of technology that would enhance the overall healing and working environment. The hospital management was so pleasantly surprised that lighting could play such a complementary role in medicine that it challenged Philips to come up with a lighting solution for its medical intensive-care unit (ICU.) Lighting in the patient wards and other areas such as the hospital reception also had to be upgraded.

The Solution

The Philips team worked closely with the hospital management and recommended Philips HealWell technology for the medical ICU. HealWell is a new lighting solution for patients’ rooms that addresses the human body’s natural responses to light. This state of the art technology can simulate natural sunlight indoors, allowing patients to maintain their biorhythm and have an enhanced sense of comfort and well-being.In addition, other Philips LED lighting solutions were also installed in the hospital’s patient rooms, hospital’s main reception lobby and nurses’ stations.

With the completion of installation of HealWell lighting in the medical ICU, initial responses have been positive from both patients and their families about the new lighting, and staff have also expressed satisfaction with the enhanced and natural lighting which greatly improves their working environment,Philips’ sustainable lighting solutions also helped the Heart Center to fulfill its on-going green initiatives and aspirations to continue being a top-rated hospital, without undermining the need to ensure that investments in technology and facilities are well-made and financially sound.

Philips HealWell

Philips LuxSpace

Philips iColor Cove MX Powercore

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