Qsil Ceramics - Mechanical and Apparatus Engineering

Our ceramic materials offer advantageous properties especially for mechanical engineering:

  • Corrosion and wear resistance
  • High bending strength with excellent fracture toughness
  • High stiffness
  • Low density
  • Low CTE
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Temperature stability exceeding 1000 °C
  • Non-metallic material
  • Electrically insulating or conducting properties
  • Heat conductivity similar or higher than steel

In mechanical engineering our Silicon Nitride ceramics are already established in various fields of application.

Wear parts


  • Agitator arms and lining elements for attrition mills
  • Guiding elements and beams for machine tools
  • Wear resistant non coupling parts for induction heating systems
  • Dosing and ball valves in aggressive and corrosive fluid handling systems
  • Seal rings for gas and fluid application
  • Plunger and pistons for wear resistant pumping and dosing systems
  • Crushing rollers and brackets
  • Wear resistant screw-conveyors, compaction and pelletiser rollers


  • Lens carrier systems for wafer steppers
  • Housing and carrier structures for cameras and telescopes
  • Highly stiff structures for mirrors and optical components


  • Ultra lightweight, highly rigid structures for satellites and telescopes
  • Supporting systems and platforms for optical devices


  • Wear resistant components for high purity Silicon processing units
  • Ceramic breaker jaws and compaction rollers
  • Drive components for coating facilities


  • High strength insulators
  • Protective plates for CVD coater
  • Plates for wafer probe cards
  • Carrier structures for wafer treatment
  • Chucks for wafer machining

Measuring and Inspection Technique

  • Structural components for high frequency shakers
  • Wear resistant gauges

Thermal Engineering

  • Heating and cooking plates
  • Kiln furniture, burner nozzles
  • Thermocouple protection tubes
  • Heating elements

Glass Industry

  • Shear blades for bottle production
  • Grips and transport plates in contact with hot glass
  • Agitators for glass melts