Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort


How Rasa Sentosa switched to a state-of-the-art energy efficient solution, while maintaining its signature ambience and comfort.

The Project

Rasa Sentosa - one of Singapore’s premier hotels, belonging to the Shangri-La group, boasts ambience and customer comfort as their biggest selling point. So when they needed to renovate the hotel, they made the decision to go green. They followed in the footsteps of another Shangri-La group Hotel – Golden Sands, Penang. Golden Sands, Penang had already adopted Philips LED lights since 2007. The excellent work done by Philips on this project paved way for Rasa Sentosa’s decision to choose Philips LEDs.

As a hotel that prides itself in unparalleled customer satisfaction through service and ambience, Rasa Sentosa needed a solution that would not compromise on these attributes. The color temperatures had to be consistent with the previous setup and also maximize energy savings too.

The Solution

Together with LuxLight and KF Design, Rasa Sentosa turned to Philips to provide them with the most suitable lighting solutions. Two fully furnished mock-up rooms were built with the proposed lighting solutions installed. After getting a review from SLIN – Shangri-La’s quality control department, Rasa Sentosa adopted the final proposal of the Philips Master LED 7W-50 GU10 Dimmable, Novallure 3W LED Candle Dimmable and Master LED 7W-35 MR16 Dimmable. All the lamps proposed were retrofitted. This solution meant that unlike the traditional setup of halogen lamps that needed the full fitting to be replaced, the LED lamps only needed the replacement of the LEDs which means the original design will not be compromised.

The GU10 7W were used as general lighting for the rooms and the café. These were an excellent choice compared to the halogens that were previously used. The GU10 7W consumes up to 86% less energy and burns up to 38,000 hours longer. For the retail shop, the MR16 7W were used as these have no ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) in the beam, making it very suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive objects such as food, organic materials and paintings. Novallure Candles were used as night-lights fitted under the toilet sink and the side tables. The latter were a fitting choice as they are fully dimmable which allows one to create the desired cozy ambience and their excellent color rendering (Ra=100) presents objects in their true color.

In addition to minimized energy consumption, Philips LED lights also gave Rasa Sentosa peace of mind. Due to LED’s long lifespan and lower maintenance needs, not having to interrupt a guest’s stay to carry out maintenance works was a big relief on their part. With Philips, Rasa Sentosa now has a state-of-the-art energy efficient solution to give its customers the experience they have come to expect.

Philips Master LED GU10

Philips Novallure LED Candle

Philips Master LED MR16

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