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"Making a wall like this is highly luxurious. The combination of textiles and technology has a magical quality which makes for a very special experience." - Rikke Haugaard, PLH Architects.

The Project

TDC wanted to freshen up its headquarters and chose Luminous Textile and Kvadrat Soft Cells to create a living, dynamic area in reception. They primarily wanted to provide a unique experience for visitors by showcasing their exciting technology. One of the focal areas of the project was a narrow, gently curving corridor connecting the main reception area with other parts of the building. With a concrete wall on one side and glass offices on the other, this presented a major challenge in terms of acoustics: the hard surfaces reflected sound and enhanced resonance. Luminous Textile panels turned this static, narrow corridor into a dynamic area which shows what TDC is essentially about. The two black walls act as an information panel between the buildings, with content which can be used to inform staff and visitors. The soft material has also improved the acoustics dramatically, making the space a more comfortable place to be in.

The Solution

TDC’s history has been brought alive in an inspiring way, and the challenge of the noise in the corridor was solved by combining Luminous Textile panels and Kvadrat Soft Cells. On one side of the corridor, a range of dynamic content is shown on black Luminous Textile panels, which are easier to see in this narrow area. This comprises pictures from TDC showing how they create 'special ties' in people's lives. Alongside the panels, there are LED flat screens showing the same pictures in HD. Together, these different media make for an experience which is more gripping and which people remember.

On the other side of the corridor is the curving concrete wall, covered in Kvadrat Soft Cells. These are finished in two different black materials – one smooth, the other structured. The combination makes the experience living and tactile. The smooth panels are also printed with white icons representing TDC’s range of telephony solutions. Starting from the hidden topic, information flows from the 'light strips' in the RTP and reflects communications flowing around in Denmark.

Philips Luminous Textile

Luminous Textile

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