The Westin Palace

Madrid, Spain

11,800 bulbs will be replaced at the Westin Palace Madrid.

The Project

The Westin Palace Madrid volunteered to be a pilot hotel and test the new bulbs generation from Philips. The process started by an audit from Philips in October 2008. Jerome Lienaert, Manager Six Sigma Black Belt accepted to lead this project. The new bulbs were first tested in rooms, on the floors and in the banquet corridors and no-one noticed any difference in quality or warmth of the lighting between the conventional and the energy saving bulbs. On top the new bulbs were very esthetical. The life time of a bulb varies between 3.000 and 8.000 hours and calculations showed a return on investment of 10 months.

The back of the house (BOH) is currently being renovated and this new project also includes the Philips new generation bulbs. The initial project saves 741 804 Kwh per year which represents 7.9% of 2008 total consumption. This represents savings of 67.000€ on electricity. It also represents an impressive 318 975 k annual reduction on CO2 emissions or the equivalent of 15 949 trees.

The Spanish government economically motivates such investments and if the study is accepted the Westin Palace will be able to claim around 4% of the total project cost or an extra 3 800€. Finally Philips was so pleased with the outcome of the study and our decision to buy the bulbs that they will sponsor the lighting of the dome (value 7.000€) and use the Westin Palace Madrid in their advertising. In addition, since Spain has eliminated the monopoly of the electricity supplier we followed the project of the Westin Valencia and hired the expertise of Evolutia for a annual fee of only 900€. They made recommendations where we could buy our energy from. Since July 1st 2009 we decided to buy our electricity from a pool of suppliers and have since then saved 28 737€ in cost of electricity. We calculate that by the end of the year on top of the investment of low energy bulbs we will save another 7% by buying electricity more efficiently.

The Solution

Philips Novallure LED Candle

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