WECO Uninsulated terminals / Ceramic terminal blocks

This section covers mantle terminals, ceramic terminal strips and terminals for explosion and firedamp-hazard areas.

Various sizes and designs permit them to be used for wire cross-sections up to 120 mm² (5/0 AWG) including applications in furnace construction and ship building, for motors and intrinsically safe electrical equipment. These terminal blocks with ceramic insulator can be used at increased temperature.

The insulator can come into contact with extremely heated parts (several hundred degrees centigrade). Ambient temperature should not exceed 250°C, since, taking into account self-heating, the brass body melting temperature might be reached.

The terminal components can also be ordered separately, e.g. pillar terminals according to DIN 46274, pillar terminals with solder termination, etc. Prices and ordering data can be provided on request. Our products have been designed in compliance with international requirements, particularly according to VDE requirements.

  • WECO-Mantle terminals / Double mantle terminals (Rated Cross Section: 2.5 - 16 mm², 4 - 16 mm² & 6 - 70 mm²)
  • Double terminals / Modular double terminals (Rated Cross Section: 0.2 - 4 mm², 4 mm² / 6 mm², 6 - 16 mm² & 6 mm² / 10 mm²)
  • Motor terminal boards
  • Flat terminals
  • Shipboard terminals
  • Pillar terminal blocks