Dr. Fischer 399N (Philips 399N) 12V 0.5A Ba15s (Qty. 10)
Dr. Fischer 399N (Philips 399N) 12V 0.5A Ba15s (Qty. 10)
Dr. Fischer 399N (Philips 399N) 12V 0.5A Ba15s (Qty. 10)
Dr. Fischer 399N (Philips 399N) 12V 0.5A Ba15s (Qty. 10)

Dr. Fischer 399N (Philips 399N) 12V 0.5A Ba15s (Qty. 10)

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German Quality. Made to Perfection. This is the original, official, made in Germany Dr. Fischer 399N Lamp that is backed by Dr. Fischer's manufacturer guarantee.

Dr. Fischer has always been the manufacturer for 399N and the lamp was marketed by Philips as Philips 399N until 2007. Post 2007, Dr. Fischer has been marketing the 399N lamp directly.

About the Product:

The lamps used for projectors, measuring devices, optical devices and other special applications have a high luminous flux and high light density. On account of the heavy burdens and because the most important aspect of these lamps are the high luminous flux and high light density, the life of these lamps is limited.

So that the lamps perform at maximum capacity during their lives, the Dr. Fischer 399N lamp (erstwhile Philips 399N lamp), is manufactured with high precision and above all, adapted exactly to the purpose they are intended for.

Special Features:

  • Precision of manufacture
  • Minimal tolerances in the positioning of the filaments
  • Can be adapted exactly to the intended purpose of use
  • High light yield
  • Corrosion-proof nickel-plated cap

Areas of use:

  • Dairy industry & Milk fat testing equipment (Milko Tester Lamp)
  • Electronic Milko Tester (Milko Tester Lamp)
  • Milk Fat Testing Machines
  • Projection equipment & talking film
  • Microscope equipment
  • Ophthalmic equipment
  • Measuring devices
  • Optical devices, optics & optoelectronics
  • Light barriers
  • Special applications
  • Home Cinema Lamp and Projection Lamp
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