Philips UVC Batten TUV 36W SLV/6 T8 x 1 (4ft) + Reflector EBT REF (1 Set)
Philips UVC Batten TUV 36W SLV/6 T8 x 1 (4ft) + Reflector EBT REF (1 Set)
Philips UVC Batten TUV 36W SLV/6 T8 x 1 (4ft) + Reflector EBT REF (1 Set)

Philips UVC Batten TUV 36W SLV/6 T8 x 1 (4ft) + Reflector EBT REF (1 Set)

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Philips is a Global Market Leader in the general Lighting as well as UV lamps industry.

Philips UVC Batten - A Complete Solution by Philips - Instant Disinfection Against Bacteria & Viruses

One Set Includes:

- Philips manufactured UVC Batten. Pre-Wired and Ready-to-Use

- Integrated with Philips High-Performance Ballast/Choke

- Philips Aluminum Reflector to improve efficacy and direct light towards the desired areas. Recommended for heights above 2.5m (8.2 feet)

- Qty. 1 Philips TUV 36W SLV/6 T8 UV Lamp

Philips UVC Batten Applications

Philips UVC Battens are a fast and effective way for Air & Surface Disinfection/Sterilization

  • Class Rooms - Schools / Universities
  • Mess / Cafeteria - Hostel / Workers Mess
  • Hallways / Corridors - Factories / Hospitals / Offices
  • Toilets - Factories / Hospitals / Offices / Metro Stations / Airports
  • BOH Areas - Factories / Hospitals / Hotels / Metro Stations / Airports
  • Hotel Rooms - Hotels / Guest Houses / Hospitality
  • Industrial Kitchens - Hotels / Hostels / Restaurants / Industries
  • Office Cabins - Government Offices and Private Offices (aka UV Room Sterilizer, UV Room Sanitizer)
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Hospital Rooms, Operation Theatres (OT), Operating Room Disinfection / Sterilization
  • Schools / Buildings - Government Offices and Private Offices, Schools, Universities
  • Retail: Retail Keep shopping carts, shelves and counters free from contamination
  • Hair and Beauty Salons: Disinfect client rooms, operating floor, mirrors, chairs surfaces, and other sensitive areas
  • Schools: Disinfect classroom walls, floors, desks and surfaces
  • Offices: Neutralize work rooms, meeting spaces and corridors
  • Banking: Disinfect counters, cash machines and work surfaces
  • Hospitality: Disinfect guest rooms, reception areas and health facilities
  • Food outlets: Disinfect preparation surfaces and equipment
  • Washrooms: Disinfect vanity units, basins and mirrors
  • Transportation: Disinfect passengers’ waiting spaces

Philips UVC Battens

Effective Lamp

  • 1 x Philips TUV36W T8. This lamp is also popularly known as, "uv tube light 4 feet" and "uvc tubelight 4 feet."
  • 253.7 nm UV-C, No Ozone
  • High efficiency: High UV content to wattage


  • Aluminum end cap enclosure ensure robust and long-lasting end caps & lamp holders

High Efficacy

  • High Reflective Aluminum Reflector & Aluminum cover to improve efficacy and direct light towards the desired areas

    Why Philips UVC Batten?

    Philips is the Manufacturer

    • All different UV technologies in-house
    • A complete UV lamp system solution by Philips
    • A complete system of UV lamps, drivers, and integrated modules

    Automated manufacturing process by Philips

    • Cutting-edge vision system
    • Retain the high quality of our lamps


    • Over 35 years experience in UV-C lighting and strong application expertise

    Environment friendly

    • Lowest mercury content

    Product Specifications

    UVC Lamp Specification

    • Power Consuming 36W
    • UV-C at 100h on HF gear 15.5 W
    • Operating Voltage Range 180-270V, 50Hz
    • Lamp Type Philips TUV T8 36W SLV/6
    • Mercury (Hg) Content (Nom) 2 Mg
    • Depreciation at Useful Lifetime 10%
    • Ozone Protection Special lamp glass filters to filter out 185nm ozone foaming radiation
    • Lamp Effective Lifetime 9000 hrs.


    • Top Cover & Reflector Reflective anodized aluminum sheet, Thickness 0.4 mm
    • End Cap Enclosure Reflective anodized end cap enclosure to protect lamp holder and plastic end caps
    • Housing material SPCC, Thickness = or > 0.3mm


    • Ballast Qty. 1 EBT 136 Ballast
    • Electrical class Class I
    • THD <10%, IEC61000-3-2
    • Power factor 0.98 @ Full Load
    • Safety IEC61347-2-3
    • External wiring Terminal block inside with a hole on the casing


    • IP protection IP20 
    • IK protection IK02
    • Working temperature -10C ~ 45C
    • Weight 1.01kg

    Mounting type

    • Installation Surface & Suspended mounting

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