Narva Germany Airfield Lamps & Airfield Lighting

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For more than 70 years, precision and quality in Halogen bulbs and lighting solutions, made by NARVA in Germany

In the field of airfield lighting, Vosla-Narva is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. Our product range covers all AGL applications. From approach and threshold lights over taxiway and runway lights to obstruction lights, our NARVA lamps provide safety on the runway.

High reliability and long life expectancy are those characteristics of our Airfield Ground Lighting lamps which we take into account with our internal quality seal of “German Precision Lighting” – and which are highly valued by our repeat customers for decades.

Safety during takeoff and landing maneuver’s can only be assured by perfect illumination of airfield runways. Thus, regulatory requirement of FAA, ICAO and other international regulations are just the lower limit – our personal standard and ambition onto quality goes well beyond.

Our products also deliver value with their prolonged lifetime, which results in long exchange cycles and considerably lower maintenance costs.