Peters Solutions for Lighting Electronics

Peters Conformal Coatings

LED Protective coatings

LED assemblies can be protected against moisture and other weather conditions by applying the convenient yellowing-resistant ELPEGUARD® conformal coatings.

ELPEGUARD® Twin-Cure®, the world's first thick film coating with two curing mechanisms (UV cure and moisture reaction in shaded areas), is awarded the Research and Innovation Prize by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and qualified by Daktronics for coating scoreboards. When exposed to high climatic stress, LEDs can be reliably protected with the ELPEGUARD® Twin-Cure® thick film coatings. UV curing enables rapid handling, and curing under components takes place by subsequent chemical crosslinking.

Encapsulate LEDs with the crystal-clear ELPECAST® casting compounds to meet high requirements of optical properties and protection against corrosion due to weathering and moisture, in particular in aggressive environmental conditions such as moisture, frost and direct sunlight.

Yellowing resistant PCB Coatings for lighting applications.

Peters develops yellowing-resistant products for lighting applications for instance ELPEPCB® Elpemer® pure white solder masks for substrate coating and white casting compounds for the protection of lighting electronics.

Selection of Peters lighting solutions:

Transparent conformal coating solutions for optical components

Highly transparent and yellowing resistant coatings for the protection against humidity and other environmental influences

> ELPEGUARD® thick film coating Twin-Cure® DSL 1707 FLZ

  • can be used at high temperatures up to 180 °C and under strong moisture stress, high chemical resistance

  • UV curing, shadow curing without additional tempering, microencapsulation of small components possible

ELPEGUARD® ​conformal coating SL 1307 family

  • high transparency and extremely high yellowing resistance

  • fastest drying and easy repair - also available in handy spray tins

> ELPEGUARD® Dam-and-Fill Gels SL 1307 FLZ-T and SL 1307 FLZ-HT in cartidges

  • (highly) thixotropic adjustment for high definition dispenser application of dams around plugs, components and pads to limit  the application area of a subsequent conformal coating (dam and fill)

> ELPEGUARD® Thick film coating Twin-Cure® DSL 1600 E-FLZ

  • high transparency and yellowing resistance

    solvent-free, UV curing, shadow curing without additional tempering

ELPEGUARD® Thick film coating DSL 1705 FLZ

  • can be used at high temperatures up to 180 °C and under strong moisture stress, high chemical resistance

  • addition cross linking, thermal curing, for thick film applications up to 3 mm

Opaque black & white coating solutions for LED assemblies

High luminous efficacy by use of white opaque conformal coatings with high reflectivity and strong contrast of the LEDs to a black opaque conformal coating on the substrate. Good protection against humidity and other environmental influences.

Black ELPEGUARD conformal coating SL 1347

  • reliable protection and enhanced contrast of the LEDs to a non-reflective background through selective application of a black opaque, mat conformal coating
  • high luminous efficacy and reliable protection against moisture through selective application of a white opaque conformal coating. The LEDs are left uncoated, dark components are hidden and the luminous efficacy is amplifed by the extremely high reflectivity
  • high UV and thermal stability.

Clear encapsulation of optical components

Excellent weathering resistance and UV light stability, high transparency and yellowing resistance, protection against humidity and other environmental influences.

  • For high reliability of LED light strips and bright profile letters
  • colourless and crystal clear, excellent transparency, for highest demands on optical properties 
  • very good weather resistance, excellent UV light stability and good thermal resistance
  • selected adjustments suitable for underwater use
  • light diffusing effect or colouration by the addition of hazing paste or dyestuff concentrate opaque top coat VT 3492 LS for even light diffusion
  • based on VT 3402 KK
  • bright dazzling colours
  • gloss and high luminosity which can be reinforced by backlighting
  • colourless, crystal-clear and highly transparent
  • weather/UV resistant
  • very high elasticity and tear resistance
  • excellent temperature resistance up to 200 °C
  • high optical temperature resistance up to 150 °C, thus also suitable for encapsulating power LEDs
  • clear and highly transparent
  • with good weather and UV light stability, thus ideal for applications with moderate demands on the optical properties, e.g. to pot assemblies that must remain permanently visible
  • easy to remove for repair purposes

Opaque encapsulation of optical components

Protection against humidity and other environmental influences. Jet-black casting compounds exhibit an excellent contrast to embedded LEDs. White casting compounds are distinguished by an outstanding yellowing resistance.

  • can be applied up to 90 °C
  • black (VU 4444/31 SB-WB) or white (VU 4494/31 SB-WB)
  • hardly flammable
  • extremely weather resistant and resistant to UV light radiation, no loss of gloss or adhesion
  • almost no yellowing of VU 4494/31 SB-WB
  • can be applied up to 90°C
  • white
  • even when exposed to intense sunlight only very slight yellowing

Substrate coating e.g. under LEDs

Optimises the light emission of LEDs by white or black solder resists with very high or very low reflectivity; photoimagable, UV or thermal curing products.

> White solder resists
  • very high reflectivity of the substrate through application of a "neutral" white opaque solder mask (colour of white LEDs is not falsified)
  • pure white colour even after lead-free reflow, solderings and tempering processes
  • also for flexible applications
> Black solder resists
  • minimum light reflection from the substrate by using black solder resist
  • increased contrast to the LED
  • also for flexible applications

Heat dissipation in lighting electronics

Heatsink / thermal transfer pastes for the thermal management of LEDs. Reliable heat dissipation ensures a long lifetime of LEDs and a consistently high radiation performance.

Core advantages:
  • heat dissipation by screen- and stencil-printable pastes with high heat conductivity to extend the life cycle of LEDs
  • excellent electrical insulating properties
  • compared to conventinal processes: reduces the number and volume of heat transition resistances
  • 1-pack system with 100% solids content
  • for a reliable thermal connection to heatsinks or heat-dissipating casings
  • for thermo-mechanical decoupling
  • 1-pack system with 100% solids content
  • HSP 2740: excellent printing properties, silk-mat surface and better chemical resistance
  • HSP 2741: higher flexibility, thus minimum influence on planarity of the pcb; UL-approval acc. to UL 94, UL File No. E80315