BJB Germany PLL/2G11 UV Lamp Holder/Connector (Qty. 15)
BJB Germany PLL/2G11 UV Lamp Holder/Connector (Qty. 15)

BJB Germany PLL/2G11 UV Lamp Holder/Connector (Qty. 15)

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BJB Germany UV Lamp Connectors and UV Resistant Lampholders

  • T5 & T8 holders made with high quality PBT, PC.
  • UV-stabilized lampholders ensures holders don’t get brittle or break due to exposure to UV light.
  • Lamp length tolerance compensation with BJB lampholders ensures perfect lamp pin fit to ensure zero sparking and full lamp life.
  • End-Mount Lampholders, Push-In Lampholders, Push-Through Lampholders and more.
Your Advantages
  • Prevents premature failure of UV lamps and UVC lamps.
  • Huge selection of UV Lamp Connectors and UV Resistant Lampholders of all kinds
  • Safe, reliable, standardised solutions
  • Push-wire contacts for easy conductor connection
  • Various fixing methods
  • High thermal stability depending on requirements
  • Easy to install

Product description

Colour: White

Weight: 14 g

Part No: 26.726.4803.50

T 140: Temperature Rating. The maximum operating temperature is given by a T marking according to IEC. This is the maximum operating temperature for which the lampholder is designed.

U out 500 V: for the rear of the lampholder. U out 500 V: Rating. Rating voltage 500V for the application with electronic main ballasts having an output voltage Uout upto 500V.

Twin pushwire terminals

For solid conductors within the cross section range stated (18 AWG 0.5 - 1.0 mm²). When regulations deviate from the IEC, other cross sections are possible (e.g. UL / CSA: AWG).

Screw fixing horizontally holes: ø 4.3 mm for screws ISO 1207 - M4

Screw fixing vertically holes: ø 3.7 mm for screws ISO 1207 - M3 or for self-tapping screws with locating groove ISO 1481 - ST 4.2 - F/ ISO 4753 - SC

For cable insertion direction please refer to drawing

Instantstart version for USA and Canada: with integrated short circuiting bridge

Approval: additional cULus
cULus file no.: E-92235
For lamps TC-L
Screw fixing vertically
Screw fixing horizontally
Housing: PBT

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