Osram HBO 100 W/2 Mercury Short-Arc Lamp

Osram HBO 100 W/2 Mercury Short-Arc Lamp

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Product benefits

  • High radiance
  • High radiant power in the UV and the visible range

Areas of application

  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • UV curing
  • A variety of light guide applications

Product features

  • Multi-line spectrum

Technical Data

Electrical data

Nominal wattage 100.00 W
Lamp wattage 100 W
Lamp voltage 17…25 V
Lamp current 4.3…5.6 A
Type of current DC

Photometrical data

Nominal luminous flux 2200 lm
Luminous intensity 260 cd

Dimensions & weight

Diameter 10.0 mm
Mounting length 82.0 mm
Length with base excl. base pins/connection 82.00 mm
Light center length (LCL) 43.0 mm


Lifespan 200 h

Additional product data

Base (standard designation) SFa7.5/SFa9
Base anode (standard designation) SFa9-2
Base cathode (standard designation) SFa7.5-2


Burning position s90

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